Terry Young Biography

"We'll be leaving this town in the mornin'; tomorrow we'll be able to see. I've had me enough of this city, and she's had enough out of me". These wonderful words, taken from the Wishbone Ash song "Ballad of The Beacons," fire emotions and reflections that Terry Young recognises in himself. Together with a lovely and evocative melody, it gives a feeling of longing, searching, the love of life, a feeling of something beyond the house next door. Born in Kristiansand, Norway, Terry Young is still searching. Life is a search! For beauty, love and happiness. For the ultimate melody, for the reason for being, for everything that makes it worth the while. For the task to be fulfilled. For God! “Say, if I climbed to the mountains, would you still follow me there?"

After having been in and out of several bands since he was 13, Terry Young went solo at the age of 18. He has played piano and guitar since he was six, and written songs since he was 12. Early in his career he worked for a few years in the music industry, collaborating with some of the finest acts in Scandinavia at that time. He also wrote his own songs, and released the singles Goldie (RCA) and Hey You (Tyfon/Electra). When he eventually started working full-time as a singer-songwriter, he moved to Hamburg, Germany, where he lived for a while. The singer-songwriter thing had become his way of life!

Terry released a new single, “Calling For Someone,” in the autumn of 2013. This song is also the theme in a Philippine video about the 2009 typhoon “Ondoy.” At present, Terry is working on his new album, "Kilo.” He is producing the album himself, together with his collaborating producers in both Europe and in the United States. The title is a collective term for something that is complicated and difficult to cope with. The message is that everyone has their kilos, and everyone can get rid of them. An EP titled "It Must Be Love" will be released prior to the album.

Several of his earlier recordings will be released throughout the web-based music stores during the winter of 2015.

Terry Young belongs to the singer-songwriter tradition. He finds the melody and lyrics in songs the reason for staying in this business. "If there is not a great song around, what is there then?" is his motto! He is, indeed, an accomplished composer and lyricist. While writing his songs he uses his dogged determination to ensnare them. A good idea is simply that, a good idea! However, utilising that idea to its full potential can result in greatness.

At present Terry Young performs small intimate concerts, both electric and acoustic.
Terry Young is also the one half of the duo and production team, The Two.

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